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file(Ana) Just trying to keep the team alive 04-13 30.mp42020-04-17 05:4931867 KB
file(Ana) Not even scared of ulting s76, dies by a rock 04-12 18.mp42020-04-17 05:3725648 KB
file(Ana) Perfectly timed Nanoboost 04-12 16.mp42020-04-17 05:3624754 KB
file(Ana) Poor Rein, cant catch a break 04-13 23.mp42020-04-17 05:4226681 KB
file(Ana) Teamkill, helped out Mccree and Hog by sleeping someone 04-11 13.mp42020-04-17 05:3228433 KB
file(Brigitte) Brig is too easy to play, just swing 04-13 28.mp42020-04-17 05:4734929 KB
file(Brigitte) Stole some assists by just healing Sigma 04-13 22.mp42020-04-17 05:4131208 KB
file(Brigitte) Swing to win 04-13 21.mp42020-04-17 05:4036568 KB
file(Moira) Genji tracking activated 04-11 4.mp42020-04-17 05:2130934 KB
file(Moira) Teamwork, too bad I couldnt heal everyone 04-13 29.mp42020-04-17 05:4833235 KB
file(Reaper) Almost a teamkill 04-12 17.mp42020-04-17 05:3728148 KB
file(Roadhog) 3 kills, air melee 04-13 24.mp42020-04-17 05:4336864 KB
file(Roadhog) Another dealing with Pharah 04-11 8.mp42020-04-17 05:2529595 KB
file(Roadhog) Cant escape me, Pharah 04-11 9.mp42020-04-17 05:2727086 KB
file(Roadhog) Dealing with Pharah as Hog 04-13 27.mp42020-04-17 05:4630100 KB
file(Roadhog) Doomfist midair hook 04-12 15.mp42020-04-17 05:3523309 KB
file(Roadhog) Environmental kills for everyone 04-11 11.mp42020-04-17 05:2932395 KB
file(Roadhog) Just getting bounced around 04-13 20.mp42020-04-17 05:3932635 KB
file(Roadhog) Long hooks are fun 04-13 26.mp42020-04-17 05:4525975 KB
file(Roadhog) Poor mercy but thats what you get for trying to res in the middle of the battle 04-11 3.mp42020-04-17 05:2026651 KB
file(Roadhog) Saved the team, hooked the nuke 04-12 19.mp42020-04-17 05:3827325 KB
file(Roadhog) Tricky ledge hook vs sneaky Genji 04-11 1.mp42020-04-17 05:1827266 KB
file(Roadhog) Winston suicide just to escape 04-11 2.mp42020-04-17 05:1924546 KB
file(Winston) Funny Zarya panic 04-11 7.mp42020-04-17 05:2436381 KB
file(Winston) Just harassing their Ana 04-13 25.mp42020-04-17 05:4437611 KB
file(Winston) Played it smart by ignoring the Orisa so I wouldnt get booped off 04-11 14.mp42020-04-17 05:3335759 KB
file(Zarya) Mercy got sucked back into this nice Grav 04-11 10.mp42020-04-17 05:2835577 KB
file(Zarya) Nice grav teamwork 04-11 12.mp42020-04-17 05:3133995 KB