A different kind of ASMR

I never thought I would be one of those people into ASMR videos, but lately I’ve realized that I have been into a different kind of ASMR, if you can call it that. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, I really enjoy having videos playing in the background of someone using power tools, like band saws, or table saws, woodworking or metalworking, and lathing of course. Especially videos from “Tested” with Adam Savage, like the one-day builds, where he’s just totally in his own zone, barely talking to the camera, building whatever.

There’s just something about those videos that makes me miss the old lazy Saturdays when I was a child. We would have the doors and windows open on cool sunny days, with screens of course. My dad totally relaxed on his la-z-boy chair, watching construction or home improvement shows on the family TV, and me just playing around the house, able to hear the loud TV from wherever I was at.

Just the sound of power tools, drills, construction projects, it’s so nice to hear, and it takes me back to simpler times. I guess that is kind of my own ASMR, a very loud and noisy ASMR, but it’s calming, I could totally fall asleep to it.

* Please forgive me if I’m using “ASMR” wrong here, I just can’t think of a different word that fits. Maybe “Nostalgic”?

Mabinogi Inception

Thought this was pretty cool, playing Mabinogi while playing Mabinogi. *Inception sounds*
Now I’m sad that I missed out on getting this from a limited-time box in December…

Back at it again I guess

Been ages since I had any sort of content on my own site. But I figure that since I’m paying a pretty penny to have this, might as well use it.

When trying to get back into this, I was trying out other newer open source CMS, like PageKit and Grav. But I guess both are so new that universal support for my little server is limited. It was an absolute nightmare trying to get them up and running. They are way too delicate that one wrong setting elsewhere in the server causes them to just not work at all.

That’s why I’m back to WordPress, because everyone uses WordPress and it practically ran right out of the box with barely any hassle. Hopefully security is tight because my server is always bombarded nonstop by script kiddies trying to find servers with WordPress installed so they can do their malicious things…